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Straight from France

A little while back we bought a new bike from France, a 1971 AS2J, it looked like it was in good condition. When it arrived we were surprised by just how good the condition was. We decided to start it up and take it for a test drive. It runs perfectly, starts on the first […]

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First of all: happy new year! We usually have a couple of motorcycles waiting to be put back together and another few waiting to get disassembled so we can start the restoration. Since we disassemble a bike in one go, apart from the engine block, we figured we’d do a video showing it from start […]

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YL1: First start

We finally got round to starting the YL1 we got earlier this summer. It took a few kicks to get it going and, as expected, the clutch had stuck together but after that it ran smoothly. Enjoy!

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AS1C: details and engine

As promised when we added the AS1C start and test drive video, we’ve uploaded another video of the AS1C where we show the details and have it idle. The goal has been to make the video extra crisp, hope you like it!

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AS1C: first start and test drive

We’ve had the chance to take the AS1C out for a drive. This was the very first time we’ve started it up so it took a couple of kicks to get it started. Once it was running, it ran well. We’ll be adding another video of this bike as well where we show some close […]

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