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Who are we?

At long last it is done! We finally have a proper picture of myself and Ole on the site. If you’ve been wondering how we look, you can find it in the About section along with some information about us. The picture is the same one that’s in the Classic Bike story about us, big […]

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Almost christmas

Today we have a lot of good news! For starters: the magazine Classic Bike (The nordic one) with the story about us hits the shelves today, subscribers got it last thursday. The story runs over 8 pages! You can check out their website at http://classicbike.ning.com/. We also have a lot of other goodies for you. […]

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At long last it is time for a new update! A lot has happened in the few hectic weeks since the last update, now everything is back to normal again so we’ll resume with more regular updates. Last week we had a visit from Classic Bike, the swedish magazine, who did an interview with us […]

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