‘Tis the season

Happy holidays!

We hope you’ve had a good year and look forward to the next. A special thank you to Yamaha Lawas in Indonesia for the shirts and caps!


Best regards,
Ole and Joacim

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It has arrived: Honda CB750 #742

At long last it has arrived! The CB750 that Vic has restored for us, #742 of the Sandcasts, the bike looks stunning.

It was delivered by sea freight and after quite a lengthy customs process it has finally arrived. We’ve included the video of the start-up by Vic, the rest is our take on unboxing videos for something a bit more interesting than electronics. We should have a picture gallery of it up on our website before long.

The very earliest CB750’s that were produced were this sandcast version: the crankcase was created using a sand mold. After engine number E1007415 the engines were die cast instead. Couple this with the fact that the early chains were to weak for the engine which caused them to shatter the crankcase and you have very few of these about 7000 bikes produced left in existence with their original sandcast crankcase. This is number 742.

As you may have noted we’ve had quite the gap between updates, sadly both Ole and myself have been quite busy with our regular businesses so we’ve had difficulties finding the time to work on our restorations. Regardless of the update frequency we’re still doing our best to answer all the questions that arrive through the contact section so don’t fret, we’re still here and will try to keep the updates running as fast as we can :)

Next up we’re planning galleries of a couple of newly arrived bikes, keep your eyes peeled!

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LS2 and TA125

Over time we’ve uploaded quite a lot of manuals to the website and have gotten requests for even more different versions. Unfortunately, we don’t have all of the manuals that we’ve gotten requests for. Luckily we were contacted by a visitor named Paul and he generously provided us with digital copies of two of the manuals we were lacking: the LS2 parts list and the TA125 owner’s guide. Both of them are available in the manuals section and below.

If you have any questions yourself or if you’re looking for something, feel free to contact us using the contact sheet on the site. We do our best to help.

Take the time to check out Paul’s website too, they’re the largest motorcycle and ATV parts store in South Africa and have a ton of parts and accessories: www.startline.co.za

LS2 Parts List

TA125 Owner’s Manual

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Ready to ship

Vic sent us some more pictures of the CB750. It was picked up in San Francisco on the 20th of February, at this moment it’s somewhere on the ocean heading here in its crate. Until it arrives we’ll have to make do with the pictures.

CB750 K0 1

CB750 K0 2

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No 742

A little over a year ago the red Sandcast Honda CB750, that Vic over at world motorcycles restored for us, arrived. Well, we sort of got a taste for them and asked Vic to restore another sandcast CB750 for us, this time a blue one, and to make one with as low a number as possible. Since then Vic has been hard at work restoring bike number 742(!) for us and yesterday he sent us this video of the first start. There’s still some work to be done, and a voyage across an ocean, but it’s starting to come together and it is running fine!

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