Over the years we’ve built up a good collection, you can see galleries of the motorcycles we have in the sidebar! For the first time we have all the bikes gathered in a controlled environment to make sure the rubber won’t dry, the metal won’t rust and the paint won’t fade in the sunlight! Below are pictures of how it looked from the start to the finish.

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When we started working on what was to become the museum about three years ago the place was quite different.

It had been an animal barn through its 150 years of existence, the last animals it housed were pigs. During the last 10 years it hadn’t been used at all but all the pig sties were still there. Another thing that was still there was the smell. Walking in the door you’d think the pigs were still there. The first step was to clear the floor.

Next step was to clear the room and tear down the ceiling. The good thing is that removing the ceiling removed the smell, the bad thing is that the smell was contained in about a decimeter of dust and hay gathered over decades, all of which fell in your face when you tore down the planks.

After that we insulated the ceiling: it wasn’t really needed when you had animals in there to keep it warm but motorcycles aren’t really all that good at keeping warm by themselves. In order to avoid a massive heating bill during winter we made sure to get a proper insulation going. As an added bonus it is fire resistant.

Next on the list was rewiring the electicity and casting a new floor. All in all we poured 21 cubic meters of concrete in there in order to level the floor up to the highest point in the room, that’s three full concrete trucks! After a few weeks of drying and treatment everything was ready at last, the culmination of three years of work. Worth every last bit of effort.