All done

It is finished! The last side covers went on and now it”s off the bench. This one is truly in a league of its own compared to the others. Almost forgot to put the fuel lines in though… A big thanks to Bassel for the awesome paintjob, Smethurst for the equally amazing chrome and Jes […]

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The tank is done! The paint job on it? is just insane, it’s hard to show how it actually looks through pictures. The gold flakes create a 3D effect when looking at it. The seat is also on the bike now, it’s NOS all the way. The only things left are the two side covers […]

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Today the time had come to fix the electrics and headlight. All you really need to do to connect things properly is to make sure you attach cables with the same colour together. Though as always when you’re working with the electrical system, it’s good to have a volt meter at hand and test things […]

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The freshly painted, flaked and massively clearcoated parts has come from Bassel! They”re just incredible to behold, the pictures doesn’t do them justice, just amazing. So the building continued, with the parts most of the front fork and handle are done now. On top of that the rear suspension, the side cover and the oil […]

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The exhaust pipes have gone on the bike, both of them NOS, along with some tiny fixes like the kick. The next part to go on is the covers for the front fork, they’re currently at Bassels and are getting a special paint job, they should be ready about next weekend.

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