Walkthrough part 7: the exhaust, covers, wires and finishing touches

Now we’re there: the final part of the AS3 Europa walkthrough. This time we’re covering the exhaust, the side covers for the engine and frame, the wires and finishing touches all around. Hopefully the whole series have been of help. We haven’t gone into all of the details everywhere, they will follow as separate walkthroughs. […]

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Walkthrough part 6: the engine continued

We’re approaching the final installment in our AS3 walkthrough. In this update we cover some of the additional bits of the engine assembly, up until the carburetors are set to go on the bike. Parts to pay extra attention to this time is the kick spring assembly and the side logo cover assembly (we have […]

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Walkthrough part 5: Handle and Meters

We continue with the AS3 Europa walkthrough: this time we’re covering parts of the handle and meter assemblies with a few other parts on the bike which makes this update kind of hard to categorize. [AFG_gallery id=’14’]

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Walkthrough part 4: Engine

It is time for part 4. The update covers the internal shifter assembly, clutch assembly, engine mounting and some small extras. The actual putting together of the engine block with the crank and gearbox will be covered in another walkthrough. We didn’t get pictures of putting it together and we usually prepare a lot of […]

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Walkthrough part 3: Footrest, Rear fender and Rear wheel

And onto the next walkthrough! This time we’re covering the footrest assembly, the rear fender and the rear wheel. Just as with the front wheel, we’ve had them spoked at Yamaha Center earlier. At one point in the pictures we attach the footrest assembly, you shouldn’t do it at that point, you should wait until […]

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