Here’s a quick peek at the (almost) finished AS3 ‘Art’, to learn more about it click here to go to the newspost about it.

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We’ve made some changes to the AS3 ‘Art’ project. The front fender is now painted black to match the rear fender instead of chromed as the regular AS3-models. We feel that it’ll match the overall looks better this way. Don’t worry: we used a used front fender that would have needed a new layer of […]

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Carburetors and engine

We’ve kept working on the AS3 ‘Art’ project. Mostly on the carburetors and the engine. If everything goes as planned we’ll be able to finish it during christmas!

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At long last it is time for a new update! A lot has happened in the few hectic weeks since the last update, now everything is back to normal again so we’ll resume with more regular updates. Last week we had a visit from Classic Bike, the swedish magazine, who did an interview with us […]

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Almost back

We’ve started working on the AS3 ‘Art’ project again. So far we have just gotten the front fork and engine in place. We should be able to get back to doing regular updates soon!

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