The AS1 drive is complete, it’s up and running. In looking back at the process, we kept most of the original parts and pretty much restored it just using a good cleaning and some new paint. We had to replace the breakers and capacitors on the generator and we restored the carburetors with a service […]

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We’ve got the AS1 up and running! As it turned out it was the contact breakers together with the capacitors that had gone sour. When we took a closer look at it the tips of the breakers were completely worn down. With them replaced the bike started on the first kick. We’ll have a video […]

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Too easy?

You know that feeling you can get sometimes, that something is going too well, that sooner or later you”re going to run into problems… That is exactly what happened. Everything went fine, we had the bike together in one piece, the battery was charged and ready and the compression in the engine sounded good when […]

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Cleaning the engine and frame were quick work, since this bike isn”t a regular restoration project we don”t strive for perfect finish on it, rather we aim to keep its cosmetic wear from being used. The cylinders and pistons have had a good scrubbing and are looking good mechanically, the connecting rods are in good […]

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A start

We got this bike a short while ago, unlike most bikes we get in this one was in really good condition. And as we disassembled it everything was fine, things were going smoothly apart from the oil plug in the engine, that bastard was stuck and took a lot of effort to get loose! Unfortunately […]

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