Everything starts with an idea. In 2005 Ole had the idea to get a hold of an AS3, the same kind he had when he was 16, and promptly went out and bought one. As most of you might guess, it wasn’t exactly in top condition. So the bike was taken to Yamaha Center to get restored and the hunt for parts started.

It was supposed to be a one time deal: restore this one bike and nothing more. That didn’t happen and before long Ole had taken home another bike to restore himself. It was at this stage Joacim got involved. From there grew what before long became Yamaparts. So who are we?

Ole (57) is the master builder and resident expert on the models. Ole has run his company in the art industry, Atelje Larsen, for almost 40 years, ever since he was 18. Before that he used to race the same light motorcycles for Yamaha.

Joacim (25) is the one who keeps the practical operation running, taking pictures and maintaining the website. Joacim is currently a student at Lund Institute of Technology and is getting close to graduating with a Master of Science.

We’re both united by an interest in things mechanical, for Ole it started with wanting to own his old bike, for Joacim it started as a chance to build. Both of us run Yamaparts as a hobby and we’ll keep it going as long as it is fun!

Ole and Joacim

The picture is from the story about us in Classic Bike, the photo is taken by Ola ?sterling.