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It’s finally time, after more than three years it’s time for us to start assembling our AS3 Europa project: our restoration of the German version of the AS3. There are a few subtle differences between this version and the standard one, the most obvious one is the larger fuel tank and exhaust mufflers on the Europa version.

Just for fun we decided to gather all the parts we would need for the restoration (minus the engine). Click here to go to the project page, you can catch up with the initial steps from the AS3 arriving until today there.

Its been a while since we chronicled a restoration, to make up for it we’ll try to document all the steps in putting the Europa together.

Edit: A quick thing: the AS3 in the background is there to show the before and after of doing a rebuild: the amount of parts required to get the bike running. It’s an earlier restoration we’ve done which we have drivable for when we feel like taking it on the road. We’re not using it in this restoration.

AS3 Europa 10 20121013