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2/3 USA, 1/3 Europe

This update will be two parts USA and one part Europe. First the european part: we have kept working on the AS3 Europa and we’re almost finished. We have taken pictures of every step involved, so far it is well over 1000 pictures though I’ll need to sort them a bit. As such we’ll spread […]

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Time flies

The future is here! It’s time for us to get working on the project again. Just for fun we decided to gather all the parts needed for the restoration before starting it: the parts cover a couple of square meters even without the engine parts. We have since continued working on the bike, we’ll have […]

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Back to Europe

It’s finally time, after more than three years it’s time for us to start assembling our AS3 Europa project: our restoration of the German version of the AS3. There are a few subtle differences between this version and the standard one, the most obvious one is the larger fuel tank and exhaust mufflers on the […]

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