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Work of Art

The exhibition at Dunkers is over, the AS3 art project has joined the other bikes at the museum. Everything worked better than expected: the bikes drew a lot of attention and according to the staff in the reception made their job a bit more fun as a lot more people hung around the lobby than […]

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AS3 Startup and Test Drive

Quite a long time ago we started restoring this AS3, now we’ve finally finished the restoration. It was already in good condition when we got it so we figured we’d just do some touchups. That didn’t happen. In the end we pulled it apart completely and rebuilt it from the ground up. Unfortunately we didn’t […]

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Gallery of the YCS1 and iPads

We have a new gallery up of the 1968 YCS1 we got a few weeks back, click here to go to the museum page! The video of our test drive is there as well. We actually drove the bike out to the museum under its own power. We usually drive the bikes there with a […]

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