The key

The 24,5 km AS2J has arrived home! The last time we had an update on it, it had just arrived in Sweden. Now we’ve had a chance to take a proper look at it. It’s absolutely stunning!

We’ve carefully cleaned it up, it looks pretty much like a new bike. If you look at it from a short distance, it looks like it’s brand new. More info and pictures after the jump.

As you can see from the pictures, we removed the fuel and oil tank to clean them up. We also cleaned the carburetors and had to replace some clogged nozzles.

It had been stored with a full oil tank, over the decades that full oil tank turned into an engineblock full of oil. It’s good in the way that it kept moisture our and kept the gaskets from drying. It’s less good since we didn’t think of this when we first tried to start it and put a lot of oil in the exhausts. After we got the bike running we cleaned everything meticulously.

We’re proud to say that it runs like a brand new bike!

We had some help with the AS2. When it arrived the key was missing, that’s one of the reasons it was never driven.

One of our visitors, Albert, in the US has collected a lot of spare keys while he hunted for one he needed himself. He found an original key that fit our ignition in his stock and sent it to us. Thanks to him we got the bike up and running without needing to change the ignition. If you’re looking for a key, try getting in touch with him. If you ever need a replacement key: take a look at the number on your ignition, a key with the same number will work. This is a direct link to his ebay store: AJJohnson6, it’s also in the sidebar.

We made the choice to replace the parts that had been damaged by rodents: the rubbers around the meters, the clutch wire and the foot brake sensor. We’ve kept the original parts but it just felt wrong to leave rat-marks on the bike. Luckily they didn’t touch the seat or the electrics.

We’ll have a brand new gallery up soon along with footage of the bike up and running, stay tuned!

In the gallery today you can get a look at the AS2J and see some of Alberts restorations.

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