We’ve made some changes to the AS3 ‘Art’ project. The front fender is now painted black to match the rear fender instead of chromed as the regular AS3-models. We feel that it’ll match the overall looks better this way. Don’t worry: we used a used front fender that would have needed a new layer of chrome anyway 🙂

At the moment we’re working with getting all the artwork onto the painted parts, easier said than done… We’ll have more updates as we go along!

One big change, effective immediately, concerning the website: the links page is gone! Instead we have the links right here on the front page, right below the slideshow of our motorcycles. If you hover over them you’ll even see a quick description of who they are.

We’ve also taken the time to disassemble a lot of the used carburetors to clean and restore them. Some are in better condition than others…

The small nozzles are almost always clogged and are next to impossible to get properly clean. Many times when the bikes run poorly, the problem is with the nozzles is the carburetors. Luckily we have restoration kits that contain the nozzles, gaskets and springs. As long as we can get the carburetor housing clean, we’ll be able to restore them.

In the slideshow below you can see both the AS3 and the carburetors.

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