AS2J and AS3 disassembly + new workbench!

We have just got a new workbench to our parts storage, this is the maiden run! It’s a lot easier to disassemble the bikes where you store the parts.
We haven’t decided what to do with these bikes yet so it’s just a disassembly.

The AS3 was covered in a layer of oil and grease: pretty much no rust but messy to handle. Unfortunately it has been heavily tinkered with: screw heads stripped, grooves cut in the clutch. However most of the cosmetic parts are in good condition!

The AS2J on the other hand was the opposite of oily: it’s been stored in mostly dry conditions. The metal on a lot of the parts are ok but pretty much every screw was stuck. Two of the screws just stripped off the grooves and had to be sawn off… Apart from that, the bike will make a good foundation for a new project.