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Updated manual

It turns out we were missing a page in the AS3 parts list: that has been remedied and a completely new AS3 parts list is online to download now. Check it out in the manuals section!

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New gallery

We have a new gallery of the very first AS3 we ever restored up. We first got the bike back in 2005 and restored it using mostly NOS parts that we managed to get our hands on. Unfortunately we had to contend with what we had in some cases: the lacked a few of the […]

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If it isn’t broken

This is the engine that will be used to the AS3 ‘Art’ project. Overall the engine is in good condition so we’ll probably keep it in one piece and just clean it up.

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As the annual holidays roll around with humidity and heat spiking under grey skies: it’s time to flee somewhere more pleasant. Ole has gone on his annual holiday and is abroad for two weeks, I too will take the opportunity to visit new places. What this means is that we won’t have any major updates […]

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