Good news today: we have two brand new galleries up on the site at the museum page. A while back we had some pictures of our Hesketh, now the full gallery is up! It is one of our most rare, if not the most rare, motorcycles. Less than 200 of the V1000 were created in the early 80’s, this is the only one that made its way to Sweden. Here it sat unsold for years before ending up in the hands of collectors. Because of this it only has 179 miles on the meter and is completely original from the factory.

Unfortunately one of the exhausts have turned blue which might seem strange given its low mileage. Apparently petrol had collected in the exhaust and when they started it up the petrol caught fire making the exhaust red hot in a few seconds. When it cooled it turned blue. We’ll probably send it to get a new layer of chrome some day. Anyway: go check it out: Hesketh V1000!

Next up we have a new gallery of our green AS3 to replace the earlier gallery. Since the early gallery was one of the first we shot and the bike was one of the earliest restorations it didn’t live up to the newer projects. Well, we went back and took care of the details of the bike during the autumn so now you can see it in all its glory. Take a look here: Yamaha AS3 Green.

Now to the last piece of good news: the engine block for our AS3 project has arrived, head on over to the restoration page for the bike to take a look. We’ve also managed to get a brand new crankshaft for it.

Hesketh V1000 1982 2


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