New design up!

Hello everyone
Still no engine block but we’ve kept on working, getting more of the parts in place. We’ve just put all the painted parts in place, all of them NOS. We’ve also fixed the engine side covers, wires and meters.

Now with the new site: it is online, there are still a lot of things left to do but you can see the design at
the temporary page At the moment we have the museum and parts guides up there but the old project updates still need to go up. Over the coming week we’ll hopefully have everything in place and then we’ll change over the domain to But until then the old site will remain in place.

A new thing is the possibility to add comments to all the updates so feel free to ask questions. You do this by clicking on the title and scrolling down, the comment field is at the bottom. We feel the new layout makes things easier to find and improves readability, let us know!


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