Blast from the past

Hello everyone,

The update today was supposed to be mainly about the fact that we’ve finished disassembling the new red AS3 and sent the parts of to get painted, you can see pictures of the disassembly in the restoration section, instead it will be about something completely different. A while back we started working on updating the back end of the site, the plan was to ease into the new system over time. However as things turn out the current CMS doesn’t like dates that go above 31/12 2010, as such, attempts to make new updates automatically set the year to 2000 meaning the updates end up at the very back and doesn”t show up on the homepage but in the archive.

To solve the problem in the short term: I’ll set the date of the updates to before 31/12 2010. The good thing is that this is just the kick I need to get moving and update the system.

Another thing we’ve needed to fix for a long time but didn’t get around to taking care of: we’ve fixed a wall for all our tools. No more digging around for minutes trying to find the right wrench. Complete with a holder for the old oil cannister!


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