Hello everyone,

Some of you may have noticed how some of the links in the top bar has changed, both name and location. For the last two weeks I’ve been working behind the scenes of the website in order to improve it. Over time we’ve ended up with a website with a lot of information, both text and pictures. Unfortunately it has gotten harder and harder to navigate and given the incremental way we’ve added new things we were left with a structure that meant you had to go searching in order to find what you want.

This is the first step to modernize the website. First of all: the collection section is now Museum. If you go there you can see pictures of how we came to create it and the steps from finding an old barn to having a fresh location for our motorcycles. The picture galleries of the bikes are in the left sidebar of the section.

Next up we have the Restoration section, it consists of the old projects section and the old parts guide tab. The parts guides were too hard to find before, now you can find them directly in the restoration section. We”ve also added not one, not two but three new guides and we’re working on getting even more of them up. The parts guide for the AS1/AS2J and AS3 are still available but now there”s also the parts guide for AS1/AS1C and the riders guides for the AS1C and AS2C. Next up is even more riders guides and the workshop guides for all the bikes. Until then you can use a lot of the information in the riders guides. Everything from the wiring diagram to what kind of oil to use are in them.

This restructuring fixes a lot of the urgent issues with the site, next up is a complete redesign. It’s a big project but one that is needed.