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Hi, Tonight we have a new gallery of a bike that already has a gallery… We’ve taken new pictures of the CS5, one of the very first motorcycles we got pictures of way back when we started the site. Since I took the first pictures we’ve had a complete rebuild of the bike. Graham Head […]

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The end of a long journey

Hi, We started working with the idea of building a museum to gather all of the motorcycles almost three years ago. Since then we’ve gone through a lot of different ideas of how it should look, where it should be and how it should be operated. Now at last we get to reap? the fruits […]

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The missing piece

It’s been a while since the last update on this bike, the only thing we”ve been missing to complete it has been the fuel tank. Now the day is here, the tank has arrived and we’ve completed the bike! I think the overall look of the bike works, for some reason it reminds me of […]

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