Waiting for something good


We’ve got big news today: the replica seats have arrived. We first announced them way back in december 2009 when we received the final prototypes. Unfortunately there were some problems with the manufacturing and they were delayed. Now they”re in our possession! We’ll have more information and pictures of them up on the site in a short while! For now you can enjoy how they look attached to our AS1 and AS2. If you’re interested in a seat: send me and email at: joacim@yamaparts.com

We also have some more pictures up from the museum: the floor has set and been primed. It still has to harden and dry some more before we can get the motorcycles in there: the humidity is currently close to 80%. At least now we’ve got the heat exchanger up and running, keeping the room at a nice 16C and a dehumidifier working at max capacity to dry everything.

The second blue AS1 project has been completed! We received the engine last week and have been hard at work getting it ready. We rolled it off the bench yesterday. As chance would have it we have both the blue AS1s at the same place so we snapped some pictures of them next to each other!


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