The work on the first blue AS1 is done, we chose to keep the tank that we had before since it better matched the paint on the rest of the parts so the colour is not quite original. All the screws, wires and electrical wires have been replaces with fresh NOS ones. The difference might seem small at first glance but the whole thing feels better than it did before! We”ll make sure to get a new gallery up as soon as possible.

At the moment we’ve got a number of bikes waiting to get photographed, the plan is to snap new pictures when the museum is done. Until then we haven’t got any good placed to take pictures. It’s not just the regular Yamahas that are waiting to get photographed but also a Honda CB750 and a couple of other surprises!

We’ve also continued work on the orange AS3. Unlike the AS1 the AS3 has been out on the roads and need more work.

We received a new AS1 from Germany. It wasn’t listed properly on ebay and would only show up on ebay.de so it was hard to find. The seat is surprisingly fresh, apart from a small tear in the cover all it needs is a cleaning. The base is completely free of rust as well!

A few weeks ago we had some pictures of regalvanized parts, a lot of them were from old used fuel taps we had collected. Since then we’ve reassembling them with surprisingly good results. It’s hard to believe that they’re used. They’re fixed with new gaskets and filters, the aluminium parts has been cleaned with acid and the plate has been regalvanized.


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