Some changes


Today we received a brand new AS2J from a seller in France. There’s quite a difference between this one and the last few we”ve received mainly that this one is not a heap of rusted parts! The paint isn’t even faded by sunlight. On top of that it started with the very first kick when we got it.

We’ve also got the engine block for the AS1 project back som getting polished so now we can hopefully make some progress with that. At the same time they fixed our engine block we sent a few pairs of cylinder heads along to see what the result would be and I have to say that they look better than I expected they would. When we sent them off they were some of the worst ones we had, spraypainted and dirty, but they look pretty much like they”re new now. They are slightly more shiny than NOS parts but nowhere near as bad as they can get in some cases.

We also got a big load of parts back from getting galvanized with a new layer of zinc. It cost a grand total of 250 SEK (about 25 euro) to get all of them done, a bargain to make old parts look like new. The main problem is that you have to clean them and strip them of their original coat of zinc completely before they can put a new layer on. That takes a whole lot of scrubbing and some work with acids but the end result is worth is. Now we just have to find the time to do this with all the parts in our old screw drawer…

Today we’re trying out something new: instead of hosting the pictures on the site using the regular gallery we’re going to try hosting them on Flickr. The gallery of pictures is embeded below!


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