Bad weather


The bad weather recently and the fact that the holiday is over means it’s time to get back to restoring bikes and not just driving them!

To start off: we’ve received a number of new bikes during the last few weeks, we still haven’t decided what to do with most of them but in order to get more parts ready to send to Smethurst for chroming and various other restorations, two of them have been disassembled. You can read about the process and check out the pictures of it in the projects tab. Since we haven’t decided what to do with them yet they can be seen directly if you press ”Restorations” or follow this link to them!

Earlier today we also got a shipment of parts from the US: a whole batch of NOS steering adjusters!

Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the final pieces for both the blue AS1 project and the ”Titan” project, hopefully we’ll get them soon.


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