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Hi, As I mentioned last time the electricity in the museum is fixed, all the needed light fixtures and wall sockets are there now. During this week the floor and climate control guys will get to work with that. Given that it is an old farm building, all the power needs to be up to […]

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Hi, Well, have we got great news today: the electricity in the soon to be complete museum is now wired and working! This brings us one step closer to getting things up and running. If all goes to plan the floor will get cast during this week. That means that pretty much within a month […]

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Some changes

Hi, Today we received a brand new AS2J from a seller in France. There’s quite a difference between this one and the last few we”ve received mainly that this one is not a heap of rusted parts! The paint isn’t even faded by sunlight. On top of that it started with the very first kick […]

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Bad weather

Hi, The bad weather recently and the fact that the holiday is over means it’s time to get back to restoring bikes and not just driving them! To start off: we’ve received a number of new bikes during the last few weeks, we still haven’t decided what to do with most of them but in […]

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Double the fun

Where do you even begin to describe the process of disassembling two whole motorcycles… You know from the start that you’re in for a few surprises with each of them but you have no idea what: Will some of the screws be next to impossible to remove? Will the oil have turned rancid and stink […]

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