Lots and lots


A few days ago we received a shipment from England, not only was there a few AS3s that we’ll cover in a while: there were something far more precious as well!

Over the past few years, almost from the start of Yamaparts, we’ve had help from Graham Head in the UK with all manner of things concerning the bikes. In this last shipment Graham sent all the parts lists, rider’s manuals, service manuals and a number of even more rare documents including a very rare old numbers to new numbers list. It”s an absolute mountain of guides for every Yamaha bike from the late 50’s and 30 years ahead including a number of them that Yamaha themselves don’t have left.

The entire collection of guides will be kept in one piece and get digitized, come summer we’ll start the massive work of turning each one of them into PDF-files.

Until next time!