Yamaha days

Hi everyone!

First of all, big thanks for everyone who visited us at Yamaha Center during the Yamaha days this past weekend. It was great to meet so many of you. For those of you who didn”t get the chance to visit, either because you had other plans or because you”re on the other side of the world, we”ve prepared a special photo update of the event!

On top of that we also have an extraordinary story to tell. Below is Kristian, he works at Yamaha Center Helsingborg. Little over a month ago he was competing in a roadrace in Spain when suddendly, on the fastest straight of the track, the front wheel of his bike locks up!

At over 240 km/h he was thrown of his bike and skid on the pavement for more than 200m. He suffered many bruises and broken bones. After all that he”s back on his feet again and back at Yamaha Center! It”s great to see him up and running, we all wish him a speedy recovery.

As you can see below, the place was packed even though (of maybe because?) the weather was bad.