Deliveries and ceilings

Hi Everyone,

After two weeks pretty much spent on the road and with work up over the ears it’s that time again, time for another update! Since the last update I’ve not only been stuck on a train in a snowstorm, we’ve also got a whole lot further on the museum.

The entire ceiling is insulated with mineral wood and prepared for drywall. So far we’ve even managed to get about two thirds of the drywall in place! We’ve also build a new wall around the waterpump and accumulator of the property. The next step is to get the remaining one third of the drywall in place, plaster over the screws and get a layer of paint on it. When the weather warms up enough we’ll cast the floor. Then all that is left is to run the electricity and get the motorcycles in place. It’s not done overnight but we’re getting there!

On top of that the guys from Yamaha Center were here today and delivered three new objects from the UK including one of Andy Noble AS3s with 3000km on the meter. They also took the last two AS2Cs (the red and the orange) along with the AS2 ‘Drive’. We really need to get the museum up, we’re running out of space!

Until next time!


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