The update today is actually a four parter. It could have been a five parter but instead you get four now and one later!

Starting things of: we got a brand new side cover for the orange AS2C in the mail from the US, now it is truly complete. Head on over to the project update and take a look.

We got 6 frames back after getting them sandblasted, now they”re nothing but clean gray metal. Over the year they will get put back together. Three of them are AS3 frames and three are AS1 frames. All the paperwork to get them registered is ready, all they need is a coat of paint and then we can get started.

During the last few months we’ve been in contact with fellow enthusiast Greg in Australia and have helped him out with his restoration of an AS3. He just sent us a picture of his progress so far and it”s looking good! We’ll be following his progress with his bike over coming months!

We have also received a whole bunch of pictures from our friend Per in Norway of his top notch AS1. It is actually the bike he first owned when he was 15 and he has restored to top condition.

Keep your eyes peeled during the week for the next update!


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