Happy valentines day, hope the day has been good to you so far! Today is a day for the heart, that is why this day is the perfect day to unveil our latest project which will be our main focus the coming weeks. We’re doing an AS3 for the band Titan, a young melodic rock band with great potential! This project will be a bit different from all our previous projects and we hope it will help them! Check out the project update.

Be sure to check them out at www.titantheband.com or www.myspace.com/titantheband. They’re a new band and as always with new bands it’s a struggle to get out and get heard, so do your part if you like them: send the links to your friends, coworkers and families. And if you really like them you can purchase their EP ‘Steps’ and help some musicians out! Links to stores can be fount below. Take a listen to two of the tracks from the EP below as well!

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