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Hi, Happy valentines day, hope the day has been good to you so far! Today is a day for the heart, that is why this day is the perfect day to unveil our latest project which will be our main focus the coming weeks. We’re doing an AS3 for the band Titan, a young melodic […]

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Starting fresh

This bike will be dedicated to the band Titan, a new melodic rock group with a lot of potential! Check them out with the links above or the video below. We got the bike to start this project a while back and disassembled it way back in November, now that the second orange AS2C is […]

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Hello, The update today is actually a four parter. It could have been a five parter but instead you get four now and one later! Starting things of: we got a brand new side cover for the orange AS2C in the mail from the US, now it is truly complete. Head on over to the […]

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Run for cover

The missing side cover just arrived from the US, still in its original wrapping! Combined with new checkerflag and 125 emblems and it’s good to go. Now the bike is truly complete, every last painted part is original and all the chrome except the exhaust pipes are original chrome. Expect a new gallery soon!

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Hi, Due to a snowstorm this update is two days late! This has been the coldest January since 1987, apart from that the only time it has been colder was in 1942. Cold is the word to sum things up! Even though it has been cold as hell, we’ve still managed to complete the restoration […]

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