The brink of disaster

Things are really starting to shape up. We got the engine in place and hooked up and most of the electricals wired neatly behind the headlight.

We got the engine from Yamaha Center earlier this week, everything has been balanced, tuned and worn components exchanged for brand new spares. Our friend Tommy helped is with the polish to make it look just right!

Unfortunately it wasn’t all smooth sailing. We hit a snag with the pistons: because the pistons are oversized (2nd oversize, 43.50 diameter) the piston rings were more springy than usual. It was close to impossible to get the cylinders on with the pistons on the connecting rods so we decided to remove the pistons and insert them into the cylinders before re-attaching them to the connecting rods. It worked great until we came to the circlip to hold the pin to the connecting rod in place for the last piston, it decided to shoot away from the pliers into the great unknown. We searched everywhere for that clip to no avail until I through a pure stroke of luck looked into the cylinder only to see it lying on top of the piston just millimeters away from falling into the engine! If it had gone in we would have had to break the engine apart again but all is well that ends well.

We also got the generator in place and connected to the wiring, we even checked that the side cover fit so as to avoid surprises further on.