Four decades

For the first time in 40 years fuel tank sees the light of day. He thinks to himself: damn, that’s a good looking motorcycle!

We managed to get a hold of a brand new fuel tank for the bike, it is completely flawless. The fact that the tank has survived without getting damaged in its original packaging is quite remarkable. It even has the protective tape from the factory to keep the paint from getting in the screw threads. It’s not really time to attach it permanently just yet but it was hard to resist testing it out.

Both the front and back wheels are in place as well. On top of the fuel tank we managed to get a hold of an original Takasago rim for the front wheel! The rim on the back wheel has been rechromed by Smethurst. The inner tubes and the tires are also NOS.

The rear flashers are also in place now. All in all it’s coming together nicely.