Piece of bike


You know all those motorcycles we got a few weeks back? Well, now we’ve completely disassembled every last one of them! All that is left is a mountain of parts. To summarize things: we’ve got material for a number of new projects, though none that we will start right now, and a ton of spare parts.

We just received two brand new exhaust pipes for our AS3 Europa project from our friend Jean-Louis in France, they even had the original price tags on them: 297 Franc.

On top of that we’ve repaired a generator for future use, we recently got hold of a new AS1 generator, as a bonus in that trade we got another new AS1 generator that was damaged for parts. It turns out the damage was a crack in the cast aluminium ring at the bottom making it impossible to fit on a motorcycle. Luckily we had a spare ring for the generator, the result: another new working generator.


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