Well, this bike was every bit as good as we could have imagined when we got it! We took it apart and put it back together again with a quick change of cylinders and pistons, a piston ring had broken inside the right cylinder and scraped it. Fortunately it’s nothing worse than what can be fixed with a re-bore so in the end we’ll end up with a spare set of .50 oversized cylinders. Something quite amazing is that it still has the same tires that was put on it in the factory, what probably happened was that the piston ring broke and instead of fixing it they simply put the bike in storage and forgot about it, bad luck for them, great for us.

Anyhow, we put the bike back together and decided to take it out for a test drive! The great thing is that it looks almost like new, it hasn’t got the same perfection in details as the complete restorations but it will still do well at shows and we can drive it around a bit without fear of wear.

We’ll take it out on a longer trip sometime when the weather is right, at the moment all the days are gray and rainy so it stays inside for now.