Special delivery


It has been a few intense weeks here at Yamaparts, both with the motorcycles and in the rest of my life. We’ve just had four (4!) new bikes delivered! Two AS3 and two AS1. And three of them are in surprisingly good condition, fit for restoration. One of the AS3s though was a bit worse but it can still be used for parts, it’s the one on the bench with the crazy handlebar! But still, overall they are nice, the paint is not terribly faded which is a good sign though you can never know for sure until you open them up!

Unfortunately I have a bit of bad news: due to a bit of a scheduling issue my time is severely limited the coming two weeks so the updates will be a bit further apart and I won’t be able to answer all the questions we get as quickly as before but don’t fear, I will answer them!

And before that: the second red AS2C project is complete! We have a full gallery up as well, you can find it here. The nice thing about this AS2C is the fact that all the painted parts apart from the frame and swing arm, the front and rear fender and the seat are all brand new original parts! Finding the parts are getting harder and harder but we managed to pull this one together!


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