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The gift of time

Hi everyone! As always when there’s a lot of things to do, time just never seems to be enough. However there is always a point when things start to ease up and you find yourself with more time on your hands than you expect, now if that”s because you have less to do or if […]

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Well, this bike was every bit as good as we could have imagined when we got it! We took it apart and put it back together again with a quick change of cylinders and pistons, a piston ring had broken inside the right cylinder and scraped it. Fortunately it’s nothing worse than what can be […]

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Special delivery

Hi It has been a few intense weeks here at Yamaparts, both with the motorcycles and in the rest of my life. We’ve just had four (4!) new bikes delivered! Two AS3 and two AS1. And three of them are in surprisingly good condition, fit for restoration. One of the AS3s though was a bit […]

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