Cleaning the engine and frame were quick work, since this bike isn”t a regular restoration project we don”t strive for perfect finish on it, rather we aim to keep its cosmetic wear from being used. The cylinders and pistons have had a good scrubbing and are looking good mechanically, the connecting rods are in good condition and indeed the compression with the cylinder heads in place is great!

For some reason the bike lacked the bottom cylinder gasket, because of this some grime had gotten into the left cylinder and left some residue but that was easily taken care of with some fine grain sand paper.

The damages of the frame have all been repainted so it’s protected from the weather and it looks much better. The wires connecting the generator had been severed at some point. With a bit of solder and shrink wrap they’re looking better and are better protected.

The chain together with the front and rear drive sprockets have been replaced with new ones. The clutch has been repaired, the edges if the clutch carriage has been filed smooth to make sure the clutch plates don’t break of against the edges. What little extra give that the clutch gets because of this is so marginal that it isn”t felt but at the same time it extends the clutch lifespan a lot since it won’t break the plates as quickly.

Unfortunately we were stopped by the threads on the exhaust mounting screw, they are completely destroyed and need to be repaired before we can continue…