Change of plans

Well, we’ve had a bit of change of plans for this bike. We have decided not to use this bike to make the majority of the walkthroughs, since the scramblers are so rare and different in a number of ways to the regular models we’ve realized that it’s better to use a standard bike to make the walkthroughs instead of constantly referring to the differences between the models.

That means that we can work much quicker on it, since last update we’ve got pretty much most of the bike together 🙂

A thing to note is that we have the pre-1970 generator on it, it works just the same but during 1970 they changed it to make a number of improvements but both kinds are correct for the model!

We also managed to get a hold of a brand new front tire for the scrambler version, we had almost given up on getting one but at last we found one.