A new direction?

Hi everyone,

Tonight we have a a couple of project updates and more for you!

We have a new update on the AS1 ‘Drive’ project, we’ve hit a snag so unfortunately we don’t have it up and running just yet, otherwise we would have had a video of it here.

There is also a brand new project for which you’ve already seen a preview of sorts, a brand new AS2C, we’ll make this one red as well so we’ve given the project the self explanatory name AS2C Red2. It will also act as the base for our restoration walkthroughs so you’ve already seen parts of it in the assembling the rear suspension walkthrough with more parts coming in a day.

As you know we’re always on the lookout for new motorcycles and now with the museum coming ever closer we’re looking wider and wider. We were recently contacted by a man with a 1984 RD500, so we went to have a look. It’s still in the works but in the meantime you can enjoy some pictures of this little 500cc bike that performed like a 1000cc!


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