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Hi, Tonight we have a whole slew of updates. The final update on the AS1 ‘Drive’ project is in place, the skies cleared up long enough to give me time to take the pictures. When we started with the walkthroughs a few updates back we used the AS2C we were restoring as the base for […]

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We just received this one from Germany, it’s in great condition given the age, it feels nice and composed. Looking closely you can see that it has tipped over at some point in time but it has obviously happened when it was parked since the only marks of it is bent turn signals and a […]

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Change of plans

Well, we’ve had a bit of change of plans for this bike. We have decided not to use this bike to make the majority of the walkthroughs, since the scramblers are so rare and different in a number of ways to the regular models we’ve realized that it’s better to use a standard bike to […]

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The AS1 drive is complete, it’s up and running. In looking back at the process, we kept most of the original parts and pretty much restored it just using a good cleaning and some new paint. We had to replace the breakers and capacitors on the generator and we restored the carburetors with a service […]

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Despite the bad weather we’ve been having down here we got a quick video of the AS1 up and running! With the new breakers and capacitors it starts with the very first kick, runs smoothly in idle and revs well. A quick pull of the throttle sends it up on the back wheel, not bad. […]

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