This bike has been standing in storage here for quite a while, now it’s time to get started with it!

When it arrived we took some of the parts of immediately, like the seat, tank and side covers, but left the rest on for a later day. The funny thing is that even though the bike looks very rusty not a single screw had rusted stuck and all of them were easy to remove. Probably someone left it outside and didn’t ride it in the rain so it rusted on the outside but little water made it inside.

One place the water had gotten in was the front fork, the oil in there was a thick black sludge mixed in with plenty of water. That it itself is bad, what made it much worse was the smell, rancid old oil. It stank up the room completely for hours and gave me a headache. Luckily I had an empty bottle around I could pour it into quickly.

Another funny thing is the fact that one of the bottom cylinder gaskets was made from? an old almanac! When you can’t get original parts you have to be creative I guess, it was a fun surprise.