Completions and far away pictures

Hello everyone!

I Hope you”re enjoying the summer, because we sure are, the temperatures are up and the sun is shining! We’ve completed the blue AS1C, it was as good as done in the last update but now we’ve got the last few pieces in place, you can see the last update here.

On top of that we’ve got the first of the three upcoming galleries done: the first bike up is, fittingly, the blue AS1C. We started of shooting the pictures outside in the sun, unfortunately some problems with firing the flashes to lighten the shadows on the bike meant we had to move it inside for the detail shots. That meant that instead of basking in the sunshine for a few hours I was confined to a small room with no windows and lacking ventilation for crawling around with a camera. Needless to say it got ridiculously warm in there! The end result more than justifies the temporary inconvenience, the bike is looking insanely good! You can see the gallery here.

We’ve also received pictures from Alan in South Africa of his FS1, be sure to head over to the friends section and take a look, it’s a real pearl.

Until next time!