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Completions and far away pictures

Hello everyone! I Hope you”re enjoying the summer, because we sure are, the temperatures are up and the sun is shining! We’ve completed the blue AS1C, it was as good as done in the last update but now we’ve got the last few pieces in place, you can see the last update here. On top […]

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Now there’s three of them?

Hi, Today we’ve got a brand new update on the blue AS1C, it’s complete apart from the side covers on the fuel tank. This means we’re in a situation we haven’t been in before, we now have three bikes that are about to be photographed for the gallery and each one of them is a […]

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It’s as good as done now, we’ve got the side covers and the tank on. The nice thing about the fuel tank is that it is brand new which can be seen inside it, unfortunately it had a few blemishes in the paintjob so we had Bassel repaint it. The front light housing and the […]

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