Over 30 years

The AS3 came from a seller in Stockholm a few days ago. It’s taken a few hits, the fuel tank has got a pretty big dent in it, something that probably broke the gear lever because it was replaced with one from Puch…

The kick was also broken from its holder, the axle it attaches to was broken in half! The entire bike is completely was completely covered in oil and grime from the road, there was even oil in the hinges for the saddle. The front engine holder was full of dirt from over 30 years, when we removed the screws the metal stuck to the grime, had to pry it off with a screwdriver. It looked like the exhaust pipes were covered in liqorice. All that oil had one big advantage though, it had preserved the bike, there”s almost no rust on it! A lot of the parts look like they are brand new once we cleaned all the oil off.

It looks like no one has tampered with it either, a lot of the factory original details that people usually miss when they assemble them themselves are still there. All in all it’s a real bargain 🙂

As of yet we haven”t decided what to do with it but time will tell.