It’s complete! After a project that lasted over a year, albeit we had a break in the middle of it, it’s completed. I have to say it turned out better than I expected, Bassel has got painting these down to an art by now.

A few final tips from this restoration: pour boiling water on your rubber before trying to get it on the bike, that goes for everything from the clutch screw protection to the rubber on the footrests. When you boil them they soften temporarily and by using some soap you can easily attach them without tearing them. The best way is to boil some water, place the rubber part in a teacup and just let them sit in the water for a minute or two.

When you’re attaching the footrest, tilt it up as far as you can before tightening the screws. If you do that it keeps the side stand from hitting the exhaust pipe, no more damage to the chrome!

And lastly: Always save all the parts on the bikes, don’t throw anything away, you never know when you might need it and in any case there is probably someone out there interested in it! We”ve saved all the parts from the bikes we’ve disassembled and as we go along we use them as temporary parts, especially the bolt for the swing is nice to have when assembling. You can also have most parts restored for a modest sum!

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