The sun

Today’s a beatiful day with the sun shining, a perfect day to start a new project!

Even though it looks warm it”s actually about 10?C and very windy, it was cold even through a wind jacket. The bike seemed to be mostly in good shape on the outside, inside the engine on the other hand is a different story, I think there’s an oil leak somewhere in there, when Ole and I removed the cover from the oil pump to drain the oil we were greeted by a flood of pugnent oil. When I attempted to remove the entire side cover from the engine on the oil side I was again greated by a great flood of oil! Around there the pictures go blank for a while, with my hands covered in oil I really didn’t feel like grabbing the camera…

But it turned out ok, even though I left the cover on for today at least the oil is drained fully. A surprise was the way the rear break was coupled to the break pedal, upside down! The generator was in far better condition than you would imagine, the only problem is the fact that the screws have been tightened far far more than is necessary making them next to impossible to get loose without stripping them more than they already were. But in the end it all turned out alright!