More new things

Although it may not show on the site, we’ve been quite busy lately. First, we’ve got one new build update and we’re starting up a brand new restoration! We’ve got a bit more done on the blue AS1C and we’ve decided to give Peter Spicers AS3 a tune-up, over the coming weeks we’ll disassemble it, clean and modify it to standard European spec!

In similar news, we’ve just received two new objects, one blue AS2J and one which is a flaky black mix…

We haven’t decided what to do with them yet, but we’ll probably make at least one custom like the yellow AS3. A fun thing is that the original registration came with one of them, you don’t see that every day

We’ve also moved our restoration room, so now you’ll get a brand new backdrop for the restoration pics! (Those of you who’ve been reading us since the start will recognize the room as the one we shot the earliest galleries and projects in).

The one part we’ve been having problems getting for our restorations have always been the seats, they deteriorate over time and are hard to restore. Seeking a solution to the problem we came to no simple answers, so we decided to do something drastic! Over the past weeks we’ve been in contact with a replica seat manufacturer, together we’ve been developing replica seats for the AS1 and AS2 (with AS3 on the way…). They’re almost done with just a few minor fixes left to the attachment. The base is fiberglass, molded after the original base. They’re pretty much the closest thing you can get to a NOS seat.


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