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Hello everyone! Tonight we have another project update and some unrelated news. There’s another new update for the yellow AS3, this time mostly detailing how to attach the exhaust pipes. It’s really starting to look nice 🙂 As I wrote a while ago we’ve recieved requests about doing a walkthrough of an engine rebuild, well […]

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The exhaust pipes have gone on the bike, both of them NOS, along with some tiny fixes like the kick. The next part to go on is the covers for the front fork, they’re currently at Bassels and are getting a special paint job, they should be ready about next weekend.

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More AS3

Hello everyone! We have another update on the yellow AS3, check it out in the project section. The friends section is finally working the way it’s supposed to again so stop by and take a look at some of our friends bikes. Until next time! /Joacim

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Even more air and a wheel

Work charges on on the yellow AS3, this time it was the carburetors and the front wheel that got fixed. You can never have enough engine grease when assembling things with cogs, just makes everything so much easier.

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Golden letters

Hello everyone! Today we have a couple of big updates, a massive update on the yellow AS3 and a smaller update on the second blue AS2J. The special thing is? that the AS2J has gone back on the bench only it’s not the same one it left… We’ve just recieved another motorcycle lift from Peter […]

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